Sophie Rae Screamer

Hey guys,

My take on a Tube Screamer. Started with a classic Ibanez TS808 base and added some of the features I would like to see on a Screamer.

Not the final graphic, still looking for inspiration.
Also not sold on the name. But the “V” in Vanguard kind of suits the V pattern of the knobs.

As for the Boost section, I’m still playing with the SHO type boost on breadboard.
It’ll be fairly different by the time I’m done with it. Love that sparkle and clarity of the MOSFET.

Will post a bit for info when time permits but currently exhausted as just spent the whole day becoming officially “employed”.
Goodbye varsity, hello corporate Cool

Will be building a prototype over next day or two – first time I’ll be etching a double sided board.


Edit 1:

Boost section finalised:

Edit 2:

the etched layouts are halfway through.Need to rebreadboard the tone section.  Gonna add a Tone [flat + humped switch].

From this:

To this (3 hours later):

Edit 3:

Name changed to Sophie Rae Screamer.
Trying to incorporate my close friends names into some pedals 🙂

Also a nice play on words for “Stevie Ray” (Vaughn) – the guitarist who made this effect famous.  It’s nice when things work out! 😀

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