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Iron Giant Signal Buffer

Little buffer based on the Klon circuit:

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How awesome is this pedal?

The Infanem Harmony Synth – one of my all time favorite pedals and also the first product release by Infanem (Instruments for a New Electric Music). It’s a 100% analog harmony synthesizer that uses the same PLL tech as in … Continue reading

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Japanese Beetle & Crossover Distortion

What up guys, Unusual or interesting sounding effects always interest me. A tube screamer is a tube screamer regardless of the vast array of boutiquey iterations and modifications. But Crossover distortion is very different to “normal” distortion. To quote ZVex: … Continue reading

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Money Shot

What up guys, Moving apartments today so packed up the lot. Quite a few still in pieces though 🙂 Matt.

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[Completed]: Scuba Muff


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[Tutorials & Techniques]: Fun with Acrylics and My “Super Secret” Enclosure Technique

What up guys, Took today as a rest day in anticipation for writing Board 1. So spent the afternoon being colourful I tried to do things I hadn’t done before – ie multiple colors, using black enclosures, leaving some edges … Continue reading

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[WIP]:Scuba Muff

Practicing some illustrations. Came out nicely I think. 🙂 Enclosure finished.  I cannot believe how well it came out! I can without a doubt say that this is my favourite piece of work 😀

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[Completed]: Imprudence Engine

Howzit guys, Below is the “Imprudence Engine” – (Yep I’m getting better at hipster names!) It’s the same Sample Rate Reducer pedal I did a while ago with 2 changes: 1) New graphics 😀 2) 2 DC jacks I had … Continue reading

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[WIP]: Sophie Rae Screamer V2

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[Completed[: Mega Thump

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