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Graduation 2012 – PGDA UCT

Quick picture of graduation this December.  Marks the date I officially have to grow up! PGDA – Pedal & Guitar Diploma in Audio 😀 😀 😀 I wish, here’s what I’ve done with 6 years of tertiary education: 2007 – … Continue reading

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Sonic Titan FX becomes [Sonic Titan Sound Engineering]

Why? I’ve recruited a tame Electrical Engineer to collaborate with. Some say it’s impossible for him to wear socks, and he can open a beer bottle with his testes. All we know is, he’s called the Engineer. Things are gonna … Continue reading

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Rhododendron Pitch & Trem

What up guys,

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Germanium Mojo

As I’m sure most people know, Germanium transistors were the first ones to be used in Fuzz pedals. I’m always fascinated by the idea of “Mojo” – that special undefinable quality. So I’ve been playing with PNP Germanium transistors on … Continue reading

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Skeedish Muff V2

Same sound, completely redesigned board 🙂

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Iris Compressor

Just sent off for prototyping. Essentially a Keeley compressor, which is just a Ross compressor. Added a Tone knob, ditched the “Clip” knob. Named it after a good friend of mine.  🙂

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Fuzzlab – Titan Edition

What up guys, New fuzz I’ve been working on. It’s a Silicon Fuzz Face with preboost, tonestack, switchable feedback and a bunch of other knobs. Had it on breadboard for a month  – funny how small it looks without the … Continue reading

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2012: Blood, Sweat and Tears

Howzit guys, Here’s what I’ve accomplished this year. Hope it inspires a couple of people to follow their passions It’s also the final night I can call myself a student as I’m graduating tomorrow. Audio electronics has become quite a … Continue reading

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Sophie Rae Screamer

Hey guys, My take on a Tube Screamer. Started with a classic Ibanez TS808 base and added some of the features I would like to see on a Screamer. Not the final graphic, still looking for inspiration. Also not sold … Continue reading

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Skeedish Muff: Bass Demo

Hey guys,   Here’s a demo of the Skeedish Muff on Bass. I’ll do a demo of it on Guitar when time permits. Also, it’s taken from my iPhone so it’s not exactly studio quality and it’s from my … Continue reading

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