2012: Blood, Sweat and Tears

Howzit guys,

Here’s what I’ve accomplished this year. Hope it inspires a couple of people to follow their passions Smiley
It’s also the final night I can call myself a student as I’m graduating tomorrow.

Audio electronics has become quite a passion/obsession.
I’m incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to sit in on the electrical engineering lectures. Probably my highest attendance for anything.

Of the 50+ projects I started, here are about 20 that are completed and boxed up.
Not including my MIDI switcher, thats still on the bench.

Drive Section:
H&K TubeFactor: rehoused and additional channel added.
SHO dual boost: my favourite boost.
OCD Overdrive: straightforward clone, but worked hard on the graphic.
Centaur Overdrive: remake of the Klon Centaur with additional mods.  1st PCB’s designed and had sent in for fabrication.

Fuzz Section:
Woolly Mammoth and Fuzz Factory: straightforward clones. Couldn’t resist putting so many knobs on 1 enclosure.
Skeedish Muff: to make my bass player happy.
Roland BeeBaa and Foxx Tone Machine: the essence of vintage nasty fuzz.

Modulation Section:
Icky Thump: delay, fuzz, vibrato. The first “Sonic Titan” pedal.
Rhododendron: tap tempo Chorus and Tremolo. The most complex “Sonic Titan” pedal.

Delay and Loop Section:
Mega Thump: Icky Thump expanded with tap tempo control and effects loop. Still some wiring to do to enable some features.
Lofi Looper: playing around with a voice recorder chip.

Nonsense Section:
Sample Rate reducer + clean blend: 1st experience with a AC based bipolar power supply.
Nonsense Engine: ??!!?! 1st big board mounted PCB layout.

Active A/B + blend: will do a full write up on this one.
Bad Stone Phaser: a phaser Cheesy whooosh

Built from kits:
4ms Atoner: pure ridiculousness
Gristleizer: Tremolo + VCF.

Power Supply
Regulated power supply: built from PCB from AMZ
Isolated power supply: the big daddy

The main thing I learned is it’s probably not a good idea to build pedals for an outcome. It’s a process to enjoy. Smiley
Haven’t kept accurate records but spent over R10 000 this year on bare components so it’s not exactly cheap either.


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