Skeedish Muff: Bass Demo

Hey guys,


Here’s a demo of the Skeedish Muff on Bass.
I’ll do a demo of it on Guitar when time permits.
Also, it’s taken from my iPhone so it’s not exactly studio quality and it’s from my Mesa Boogie Express amp so it’s not a bass amp.
(but you get the jist of it!)

Note: there are essentially 2 versions of the Skeedish Muff.
A guitar-optimised and a bass-optimised one – basically just the Tone Section is affected.
I’ve used the guitar version in the video because I’ve still got to work out the EQ values for Bass.
The tone section features a bypass so I was able to use it without a problem on Bass.

For interest, guitar goes from Low E at 80Hz to High E at 320Hz.
For bass, 4 string Low E at 40Hz to G at 100Hz.
For 5 string, the Low B goes down to 30Hz.
The demo goes right down to B.

When looking at Fuzz, there’s always a tradeoff between better bass and more “muddiness” or less bass and more “tightness”.
So the lower you go, the harder it is to get good fuzz – hence the Treble/Bass/Blend/Bypass/Focus knobs to combat this.

As a benchmark I used a Woolly Mammoth, I love it on guitar but was designed for bass – huge low end.
When used with active bass, the high impedance it causes tthe Mammoth to sound blubbery.
The additional Pre Amp section of the Skeedish Muff helps to counter this.

On the whole, really happy with how this turned out.
Better still, my bassist says it sounds good – and he has a big beard so it must be legit.

I would be really interested to hear any comments from Bass players, especially those that use fuzz.
Also, if anyone feels like lending me a Bass Big Muff to A/B it could be great fun Cheesy

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