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Nonsense Engine: [Instant Lofi] Pitch, Filter and Sample Rate Reducer

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BugCrusher Etch: (BugBrand Sample Rate Reducer)

Hey guys, If anyone would like to etch their own BugCrusher, here’s a layout. The schematic was very kindly shared by Tom at BugBrand. Matt.

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Instant Lofi 2 – PCB assembled!

What up guys, Added more options to the Chorus/Vibrato section: The board seems to be getting there!Decided to use SMD resistors and op amps because I haven’t used SMD before and gotta learn sometime. In the end I ended up … Continue reading

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Instant Lofi 2 – Sample Rate Reducer pedal

Quick update: Took the prototype Sample Rate reducer and added a Blend control: Check out the video: It works great!  But I still haven’t solved the power supply issue – it currently needs 2 separate 9v adapters.(Thats why there’s an … Continue reading

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Instant Lofi

What up guys, Thought I’d do an interpretation on ZVex’s pedal: Got working prototypes of the Compressor and Sample Rate Reduction sections, now to tackle the Chorus.. Made 2 videos: Compressor + Sample Rate: +Chorus: The circuit on the … Continue reading

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Bad Stone Phase Shifter

What up guys, Built this a while ago but still haven’t got around to making the enclosure pretty – but decided to post it anyway!Most people have heard of the Small Stone – The Bad Stone is similar but has … Continue reading

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OCD Overdrive

What up guys, Decided to build a Fulltone OCD see if it lives up to the hype. Guess it does, nice pedal! Really stoked I got the jacks AND DC jack at the back – lifesaver for pedal space – … Continue reading

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Switcher update

Quick update:Minor adjustmets: decided to add a SHO pre and post boost, as well as a 3 band EQ. Also… Currently looks like cr*p but after powdercoating it’ll hopefully be pimp  If anyone has an old Tuner pedal they’d like … Continue reading

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Power Supply

Hey guys, It’s a power supply with 6 isolated 9V outputs from 3 PCB-mount transformers. Each output is limited to about 200mA. The Red LED’s show a working output and the Yellow LED’s are a waring for circuit overload. (1 … Continue reading

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Pedals for sale? That is the question.

Howzit guys, I was hoping to get some advise and opinions as to whether I should make Sonic Titan pedals available for sale? Here’s the situation:I’ve been making pedals for myself for a while now under the name Sonic Titan. … Continue reading

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