Fuzzlab – 1






This was actually the SECOND pedal I ever started to build. It was first based on the Beavis Fuzzlab schematic and I found a PCB drawn up for it. After much effort I couldn’t get the silly thing to work and benched it for 2 years.

Later I decided to retry it but this time I bread boarded it until I had tweaked and modified the circuit how I liked. I then used Eagle to make ny own PCB with board mounted pots. Works great and very happy with it.

As to the enclosure, it took a couple of failed attempts resulting in a belt sander. The belt sander worked well!

Note: must still wire up the feedback circuit – the second footswitch.

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1 Response to Fuzzlab – 1

  1. Fabrizio says:

    Hello! Compliments for you pedals. I am intersted to build a Titan or a Skeedish muff (I am a Muff addicted!)
    Good to have the scheme but where I can find the parts list?
    ciao from Italia


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