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Sonic Titan FX becomes [Sonic Titan Sound Engineering]

Why? I’ve recruited a tame Electrical Engineer to collaborate with. Some say it’s impossible for him to wear socks, and he can open a beer bottle with his testes. All we know is, he’s called the Engineer. Things are gonna … Continue reading

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Prototyping Rig

What up guys, This is what I use to prototype new pedal designs.Anyone thinking of building their own pedals, build this first It sits like a normal pedal in the signal chain and has a bypass switch.I liberated the enclosure … Continue reading

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Bad Stone Phase Shifter

What up guys, Built this a while ago but still haven’t got around to making the enclosure pretty – but decided to post it anyway!Most people have heard of the Small Stone – The Bad Stone is similar but has … Continue reading

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OCD Overdrive

What up guys, Decided to build a Fulltone OCD see if it lives up to the hype. Guess it does, nice pedal! Really stoked I got the jacks AND DC jack at the back – lifesaver for pedal space – … Continue reading

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