Instant Lofi

What up guys,

Thought I’d do an interpretation on ZVex’s pedal:

Got working prototypes of the Compressor and Sample Rate Reduction sections, now to tackle the Chorus..

Made 2 videos:

Compressor + Sample Rate:


The circuit on the left is the compressor and the sample rate reducer on the right.

Note: there are 2 noises
1. Crackling: this is from using a Max1044 bipolar charge pump to supply a -9v for the Sample and Hold chip.
It goes away when I use 2 battery’s so not too worried about it.
2. High pitched squeal: again goes away when using 2 batteries.

Quite pleased with the results, but any suggestions as to what contributes to a lo-fi sound?
Got 1.Compressor 2. Sample rate reduction 3. Vibrato for pitch warbles.

Gonna add a low-pass filter to kill the highs.
Funny how there’s quite a bit of thought into getting something to sound worse!

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