Bad Stone Phase Shifter

What up guys,

Built this a while ago but still haven’t got around to making the enclosure pretty – but decided to post it anyway!
Most people have heard of the Small Stone – The Bad Stone is similar but has 6 stages vs 4.

It’s been modded to have a Vibrato mode.
Wiring ended up not too neat because I added a LPB1 boost because there was a slight volume drop when engaging the Vibrato.

Electro Harmonix – Bad Stone (USA)

The Bad Stone was released 1975 and produced until 1981. It was designed by Bob Bednarz and it was the first phase shifter to employ feedback in the circuitry. It compasses 6 stages of phases shifting with variable feedback. One speciality of this phaser is the manual mode, which lets you dial in the phase shift manually instead of using the LFO (low frequency oscillator). This enables a whole new dimension of sounds achievable, although no sweeping will occur in the manual mode.

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