Power Boost

What up guys,

Thought I’d turn the boost circuit I’d been playing with into a proper pedal.

Hence the Power Boost is born 😀

Not my neatest wiring, but hey, prototypes aren’t pretty!



Uses same boost circuit as in the video:

In the video I mention the intention was to get a clean boost that adds that special sparkle of a MOSFET gain stage.

I also mention that it can get “dirty and grimy” – what I meant to say is that it can get slightly overdriven.
The way in which a MOSFET overdrives is very far from “dirty and grimy”!

The pedal version activates each of the 2 gain stages separately, so it can either be 2 clean boosts or turning both on you can dial in some overdrive.

This thing can get loud 😀

Kind regards,

Edit 1:

Just realised the graphic I drew looks similar to the ZVex logo.  This was completely unintentional.  I can only assume it was pure chance or it was stuck in my subconscious when I was doing the design.

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