Anyone still reading this blog? If so free pedal.

Hi guys,

As much it pains me – I will clearly never return to this endevour.

In fact, I haven’t even picked up a guitar for a couple of years

If for some strange reason you even have notifications of this blog, and can demonstrate you are still carrying the torch for guitar and effects passion, I’d be more than happy to send you one or any of the FX boxes I have built.

Only caveat is it may take a couple of months, as I’m not currently in South Africa.

And yes, this post is 100% serious – I’m not using the FX boxes, let’s give them to someone who does!

Much love,


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1 Response to Anyone still reading this blog? If so free pedal.

  1. Ahoy Matt,

    I’m sure you will eventually get back to building up this endeavor.
    A number of my friends left the music scene, some into military, some into corporate world. Whatever you do though, do it 100% My close friend in the military sent me strange message the other day mentioning how guilty he feels for not making/playing music. This guy has achieved mile-stones in his life, bigger than majority of people on this planet, and he feels guilty… strange.

    I am doing music full-time and I don’t even have time to write my own music. The point I tried to get across is : don’t try to be creative, just be, creative. You will end up making rubbish if you are not fully committed. So, give it time.

    You will be back at your bench making some cool stuff YOU want to make. There is an extra-ordinarily talented artist out there that just got a gig working for the Dubai government’s park-board designing public artistic works, and the guy is in his 70’s… so. Do what you must to survive and keep a small flame burning

    All the best ahead meneer. Exciting adventures await.

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