[WIP]: Octavian Fuzz Engine: Concept Idea

What up guys,

Been thinking about this for the past few weeks. It all started with the “4 King Fuzz” pedal that I did 6 months ago- 4 fuzz kings in one pedal. The Octavian is a continuation of that idea.

The more I think about it, the more practically achievable it seems to become.


What is it?
8 unique fuzz circuits in 1 enclosure.
4 choices on either side selectable by a rotary switch.
Each side turned on/off by a stompswitch.

What was the thought process?

1. Fuzz circuits use a relatively small number of components yet have radically different sounds.

2. Efficiency – small circuits mean you can fit 8 in a box.

3. I like 8 fuzzes. I don’t have the pedalboard space for 8 fuzzes. I don’t have the patience to wire up 8 fuzzes.

Whats the value?
Breadth of sound for with a tiny footprint

But aren’t there hundreds of different fuzz pedals out there?

99% of those cool hipster boutique fuzzes are hot rodded versions of classic designs. Usually the same sound but with modern conveniences like a smaller footprint, a 9V jack and an extra knob or two.

I’m not hating, just emphasizing that the fuzz gene pool is a lot smaller than you might have originally thought. For example, there might be say 100 different commercially available fuzz pedals which are essentially a direct Fuzz Face.

Taking the idea further, with 8 fuzzes in one box, I rate you could produce a giant chunk of the fuzz spectrum.

The Application
2 sides: each has a rotary switch switch with a stomp switch.

A Volume knob for each circuit.
A Gain switch for each circuit – selects one of 2 gain trim pots – still considering this.

A cut-out on the front providing access to the rest of the knobs as trim pots. A panel sits over it fastened with thumb screws.

Considering the fact that most people very rarely change their knobs from a few sweetspots, it’d be safe to leave everything but the volume as trim pots.

Even more so for fuzz pedals. For example, an external switch for 2 Gain settings should suffice. The 2 Gain settings would be user definable with trim pots.

However, I’m not one for opening the back of a pedal to mess with trim pots. I want it on the front. In order to be rugged enough to survive some live abuse, it’d need to be protected by a panel.

Power – prevent hum and hiss from 8 circuits.
A 4 pos, 3 position switch would provide the option to only supply the selected effect with power – thus minimizing any noise or hum to only 2 effects receiving power at once.

So, which 8 Fuzzes make the cut?

1. Fuzz face
Why? No explanation needed – the original fuzz pedal.
Circuit: 2 Transistor design

2. Tonebender
Why? Again, like the FF, it’s a classic
Circuit: 3 Transistor design

3. Octavia
Why? Nasty fuzz with an upper octave effect
Circuit: Octave created with Transformer

4. Foxx tone machine
Why? One of my favourites. Full mean fuzz with switchable octave
Circuit: Octave creates with Germ diodes

5. Shin Ei companion
Why? Super harsh fuzz, no chords here! Sweet Ringmod sounds.
Circuit: 3 transistor

6. Big Muff
Why? Could call this a “Distortion” but I rate it falls in the fuzz category.
One of the most popular as well as cloned pedals out there.
Circuit: 4 transistor gain stages with Diode clipping.



As I mentioned, it’s still very much a work in progress. Any input would be greatly appreciated – especially as to what fuzzes to include. Too many choices and only 8 slots! 🙂


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