Ludwig Phase 2: Preview

What up guys,

This is what I’ll be assembling over the next little while – made a start on the graphic:



The parts

I use Mantech for most parts.  Good prices and wide range.  Hello free advertising!
Pots I get from Tayda Electronics (still waiting for them).


So what the hell is it?

Short answer: Fuzz + Tremolo + Wah + Foot Control

Long answer:

Well, it’s this (image below) the Phase 2 Synthesizer turned into a stompbox format.
Ludwig ( a drum company) produced less than a 1000 of these decades ago.


Technical answer: (from the RG Keen pdf)

“Synthesizer” was a misnomer, as what it really does is to take a normal signal, and create a
heavily clipped “fuzz” signal from it, and then run a combination of the dry and fuzz signals through a
pair of controlled filters. The filters are set up so they are active at the frequencies of the first two
formant resonances of the human vocal tract, producing a very “vocal” and unusual effect. In
addition, the fuzz amplitude and movement of the filter resonances may be changed either
automatically by an “animation” oscillator or a foot controlled rocker pedal.

More Pics:

Youtube vid:

Now the reproduction:

Mr RG Keen (the yoda of guitar effects) produced a project.
Not a beginners project – lots of things to go wrong here!

Build doc:

Youtube vid:

Pictures of a completed pedal:



Still don’t know what it is or does?

Well… Me neither! That’s why I had to build one for myself!

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2 Responses to Ludwig Phase 2: Preview

  1. Dino Tsiptsis says:

    I would really appreciate that you ask my permission before using pictures of my unit in your blog (“Pictures of a completed pedal”) . I don’t mind my pictures being used, but please provide credit reference for the pictures. If not, please remove them from your blog.
    Thank you,

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