Skeedish Muff V1 Completed

Howzit guys,

Not gonna have a chance to wire this one up for a couple of days so thought I’d post it.
Really proud of this one Cheesy

It’s a Big Muff with:
Pre-boost (LPB1)
Baxandall Tone stack (ditched the recovery gainstage on the muff)
Tone Bypass
Diode Switch for 2nd gainstage
Focus: input capacitor blend

Blend control: credit to Mr JMK for this bit!!!

Made to be VERY Bass friendly.
My Bass player buddy with be stoked with this one.

Also, decided to shake things up and do the knobs at an incline. Because? Why not Smiley

Here’s the original graphic, but my execution didn’t turn out well.
So… To the sandpaper!!

Here’s the schematic – no values because still haven’t finalized the values.
Especially on bass, need to work things out properly.
ie if a bass version is too muddly on guitar or if a guitar version lacks low end for bass.
I did add power supply filtering, not shown though.

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