Mega Thump

What up guys,

The first (well…) and last delay I will build Smiley

The Mod section only affects the delay signal.
It’s essentially an expanded version of the Icky Thump pedal.
Except this version adds:
Tap tempo (with multiplier)
Separate effects loop
EQ (Bass and Treble)
Better envelope but without the fuzz.

I wanted to build a delay that offered something unique – ie not offered in say a Boss DD20.
Also, as it’s a completely analog signal path (except for the PT2399 chip), it means it’s not exactly a Strymon Timeline.
The approach I took was to mess with the delay signal in different ways.
An effects loop, envelope and EQ aren’t common at all in delays so that’s where I believe the value/uniqueness lies.
I also found a chip (Taptation) to incorporate Tap Tempo, which is something I can’t live without! Cheesy


The other motivation was I’ve had a delay and trem PCB assembled and idle for months.  Until now, hadn’t found an interesting way to incorporate them.
Due to the complexity of this pedal, I’m really stoked to have these as a starting point!


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