Skeedish Muff

What up guys,

Thought I’d build a Big Muff variant.
This one is designed for both bass and guitar players.
ie it will let in ALL the low end if desired.

It’s a straightforward Russian Muff with the addition of:
Pregain control: additional pre gainstage
Blend control: for bass – to get that low end in.
Different tone control: instead of the original passive 1 knob, now an op-amp based Treble and Bass.
Tone Bypass: Again, let the low end in!
Sex: Mish or doggy.
Focus: Controls the low end entering the circuit ie from muddier to tighter/treblier.

Here’s the PCB – took many many hours to get a single-sided layout with board mounted pots.

Will commence construction this week Smiley

Kind regards,

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