Switcher update

Quick update:
Minor adjustmets: decided to add a SHO pre and post boost, as well as a 3 band EQ.

Also… Currently looks like cr*p but after powdercoating it’ll hopefully be pimp  Cool

If anyone has an old Tuner pedal they’d like to swap/trade/sell I’d love to include an actual Tuner as well.

I’ll post more info once I’ve done some more of the wiring/neatening up. Smiley

Kind regards,

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3 Responses to Switcher update

  1. Mike says:

    hey man – looking to build one of these myself. Having trouble figuring out where the guitar in for this thing goes – I would assume it goes into the ps9, but there’s no input for that. Checked out the mv57 (which you are not getting, but building yourself) and that has in/out/send/receive – but if those go to the effect loop and the ps9, where’s the IN/OUT for the guitar and amp? Do you have a schematic that you’re working from?

    • mtmattan says:

      Hey man,
      The guitar in is at the back.
      To be honest, I’ve fallen behind with the Switcher.
      Technically it would all work fine, but it’d take a LONG time to wire everything up.
      So just gonna wait till I have some time to design some PCB’s for the jacks to simplify wiring before I do anything further.

      • Mike says:

        Oh – i meant on the board itself – I assume the send/receive just goes directly to the loops, but how the relays and ps9 wire together with the in from the Guitar IN and OUT is throwing me. No worries if you haven’t wired it all up yet, was just wondering. Hoping to do one of these this year…

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