Power Supply

Hey guys,

It’s a power supply with 6 isolated 9V outputs from 3 PCB-mount transformers.

Each output is limited to about 200mA.
The Red LED’s show a working output and the Yellow LED’s are a waring for circuit overload.
(1 Red led isn’t on, but will sort that out later!)

On the whole, really happy everything went without a hitch! (and I didn’t get electrocuted in the process)

Why not just buy a Pedal Power 2? Whats the fun in that Cheesy

For those who are interested, here’s the process involved:

Board after etching and cleaning.

Components soldered and standoffs attached.

Board attached to enclosure bottom lid

I wanted to be able to switch it on/off with a stomp switch Cheesy

Top case drilled – lots of wiring for the led’s as each one is isolated as well!

Attached all the led’s & switch to the main board.

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1 Response to Power Supply

  1. Craig Bryant says:

    Wow! The power supply looks great! I am in the process of building a similar power supply although I have a little different layout. I really like your dual LEDs. Do you have a layout or schematic you could share? Or could I buy an etched PCB from you?
    Thanks for sharing!

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