Pedals for sale? That is the question.

Howzit guys,

I was hoping to get some advise and opinions as to whether I should make Sonic Titan pedals available for sale?

Here’s the situation:
I’ve been making pedals for myself for a while now under the name Sonic Titan.
Up until now, I had not considered selling because:

1. Building pedals is extremely labour intensive, profit margins are thus low and opportunity costs high.
2. Selling a pedal means I’d have one less pedal and I like pedals Wink

I had intended to do a small run of 10 Centaur overdrive pedals (a modified Klon Centaur) after receiving requests.
However, in terms of the rules of the GFSA forum, making pedals available for sale essentially barres me from posting about the pedals as it crosses the line into promoting one’s product.

Making pedals has always been a passion, not for monetary gain.  As such, I would prefer simply not to sell any pedals if it means anything written or posted about the pedals would violate forum rules.

And GFSA is cool so I like it there.

I’m not trying to attack the forum rules, just explaining the situation.  It obviously serves it’s purpose to ensure that the forum stays clear from commercial abuse. Smiley


Has this happened to anyone and how did they solve it?
Should I suck it up, not post about Sonic Titan pedals and just sell some?
Has anyone seen the new The Walking Dead? Cheesy

I do believe I have some innovative pedal offerings but right now I’m definitely stuck between a rock and a hard place. Smiley

Kind regards,

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4 Responses to Pedals for sale? That is the question.

  1. Malcolm says:

    Dammit Matt. Your talented. Your honest and you make so sick pedals. Sell them!!!

  2. Eddie says:

    Agreed, I would buy most, maybe even all of them! Love your work man.


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