4ms Atoner Ridiculousness

What up guys,

4ms Atoner pedal from the audio mastermind of Dann Green at 4mspedals.com.
Here’s the video:

In short, it’s a fuzz pedal (on tic ) with an LFO and Envelope to control the amount of “Atoning”.
I still can’t figure out how the hell one would use this pedal but at least it’s quite a laugh! Smiley

The PCB is well made and all the pots are board-mounted which is nice.
I might add a graphic as well.

By error, I installed a 5V regulator instead of a 9V and surprisingly the results where pretty damn good.
The lower voltage changes the fuzz from splattery to more useable.
Really stoked with this discovery Cheesy
I’ll add a voltage control when I’m feeling energetic! (it’s not like it has too many knobs or anything!)

Kind regards,

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