Icky Thump: Delay/Fuzz/Vibrato

Hey guys,

Just finished my first kind-of-original pedal.

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Here’s what the pedal does:

At the heart of the “Icky Thump” is a PT2399 driven delay, with about 800ms max time.

An LM386-based Fuzz provides some non-traditional Fuzz Face/Factory tones.
A “glitch” control reduces the voltage to get some icky gated sounds.
The fuzz is activated with the bottom-left toggle switch.

Modulation: here’s where things get interesting..

The center toggle selects either Envelope or LFO driven modulation or none at all.
“Modulation” wiggles the pitch producing the chorus/vibrato sound.

Envelope modulation is controlled by the “sensitivity” knob and is driven by harsh/softness of your picking.
LFO modulation is controlled by “depth” and “speed”.

Setting the delay to min, you get a lush chorus sound.

It’s still the prototype and needs some tweaking but I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

I certainly didn’t reinvent the wheel, and to give credit where credit is due:

The Delay filtering values used are the same as in the Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay.
The Fuzz/Envelope circuit is based on from the Mid Fi Clari(not).
The LFO is a tweaked version of the Tremulus Lune tremolo.


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